Miss U Month

The Nestlé family of products is one of the most iconic and memorable FMCG brands people grow up on in India.

Miss U Month by Nestlé, helps people celebrate nostalgia and the idea of missing someone by sending customized care packages to the people they love for an entire month. This festival fosters love, and gratitude and encourages people to think of each other. It is designed to be personal, simple, evocative, and memorable.

Kyoorius Young Blood Award: In Book

Designed as a response to the Nestle Brief:
Invent your festival/special occasion using Nestle Products

Conceptualization, Copywriting, Visual System Design,  Illustration
and Creative Direction


Concept for the design of the custom boxes

Additional merchandise that can be ordered with your message on it

Social Media presence, Left: Miss U Month’s account, Right: Personal account

Countdown campaign, outdoor and print ads