Vigil Today

Vigil Today is a project that communicates the seriousness of a behavioural addiction.

How do you get people to look into a condition they may pass off as a habit?

As behavioural addictions are similar in certain aspects to substance related addictions, the stigma one has against the word 'addiction' itself has been used to communicate the gravity of the subject.

Illustration, System Design, Identity Design & Art Direction

National Institute of Design, India

Guide: Rupesh Vyas

Approach 1: Using  visual signifiers of substance addiction  to build upto the behavioural addiction. 

Approach 2: Using typography and words which are strongly coloured by the phenomena of addiction.

Approach 3: Drawing a comparison between a substance and behavioural addiction on the basis of severity, hormones affected and similarity of brain acitivty under the addiction.

Inspired by the double-edged playing card associated with gambling. Gambling is the only behavioural addiction which has been recognized by the DSM (Diagnostic and  Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

All of the approaches lead to a common database known as Vigiltoday. It is an online resource that helps people learn, educate and understand these conditions. 

As most people confuse a behavioural addiction with a habit, the only way one can help themselves or someone going through it is through staying vigilant.